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What does C.A.T.S. stands for?

Cigar Aficionados Trades and Sales

What does Op: CFW stand for?

Operation: Cigars for Warriors (sometimes shortened to CfW)

What is C.A.T.S. Fest?

C.A.T.S. Fest is the only festival of its kind. It is truly a social festival, where you just happen to get an insane amount of free gifts - gifts surpassing the ticket cost by at least 5x

Where is Granbury?

Granbury, Texas, is approximately 20 minutes from Fort Worth, Texas.  It is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Metroplex

What airport would I fly into?

There are two airports to choose from - DFW International Airport and Love Field

Will there be any transportation for or at the event?

There will be transportation provided from the Host hotel, to the festival grounds and back.  Attendees are encouraged to use this transportation.

Where is the Host hotel?

The Best Western Granbury Inn & Suites is the Host Hotel. There will be many formal and informal parties happening at the hotel at various days and times throughout the festival. There are usually “Herfs” going on in the days leading up to the festival, as well as after the festival.

What is a Herf?

A herf is a gathering of BOTL and SOTL to relax, unwind and smoke premium cigars.

Does the hotel allow BYOB?

The hotel is BYoB friendly

Does the hotel allow pets?

Pets are allowed based on the availability of pet friendly rooms. Up to 2 dogs per room with an 80 pound weight limit. Additional pet types (cats, birds, etc) may be accepted at the hotel's discretion. Pet rate is $25.00 per stay.

Are there discounted hotel rates for CATSFEST attendees?

Yes, for information on how to receive the discounted rates, visit the Hotel Accommodations page.

Is this festival just about Craft Beer & Cigars?

Although this is labeled as a Craft Beer & Cigar Festival, it is truly the ultimate fundraiser that people look forward to going to each year.  In fact many do not even realize that the festival is a fundraiser.

How does CATSFEST give back?

While the festival is to support Operation: Cigars for Warriors, we welcome all military charities, NPOs and other military organizations (with a couple of exceptions) to have a booth at the 3-day festival at no charge. They are even allowed to raise funds for their own charity. At the end of the day, it is all about showing our patriotism and absolute support for our men and women currently serving, those that have served, and those we have lost along the way. Need more info? Please contact us.

Can anyone exhibit at CATSFEST?

We love local artisans and craftsmen and we welcome you to sign up to have a booth at CATS. Check out the available sponsorship packages or contact us if you need more info.

What is the Craft Beer Experience?

The Craft Beer Experience is not a drunk-fest. Still, we know when your are done sampling all the delicious craft beers, you will feel pretty damn good. Please remember R-E-S-P-E-C-T is the number one rule. We have only had one bad attendee in 6 years, and I would love to keep it that way. There will be transportation available to get you back to the hotel, so DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE. We can't bail you out!

Are there any competitions during the festival?

We have a lot of competitions going on throughout the weekend. You can find them all on the Event Schedule. 100% of the proceeds go to the charity Op: CFW, and fees are tax free, as Op: CFW is a 501(c)3.  The rest of the tickets we have to pay taxes on.

How can I participate in the chili competitions?

We encourage anyone to be a judge or compete at the Texas Men’s State Chili Championship. There will be two types of judges and we would love your help with judging. The perks...you get to eat amazing chili! This is NOT one of those food competitions where they cook the food with as much hotness as possible - this is all about truly GREAT CHILI!

The second style of judging will be the "open" category. Once all the cooks have entered their chili, they will have the option of being part of the Open category, and the option to keep it as it was or add filler to it, like beans, cheese etc.

What events can I judge, besides chili?

You are also welcome to be a  judge for the Granbury Signature Drink Competition or the Beard and Mustache Competition. We will have sign up sheets at registration.

Why is CATSFEST in Granbury this year?

This is actually the number one question we get asked! While we believe you will understand once you have attended the festival, there are so many reasons...

  • Granbury is truly one of the most patriotic cities that we have ever seen.
  • It is absolutely gorgeous, and has a Fredericksburg feel to it - especially the Historic Town Square.
  • The people are incredibly friendly, and they are very  excited about the festival being held in their community. 
  • Instead of fighting one city ordinance after another elsewhere, Granbury has been incredibly gracious and offered their support in giving us what we need to make the festival a success.
  • The team at Visit Granbury have been absolutely instrumental in helping us make this year's event happen. Cara Leising has one of her hotels in Granbury, and if you have been to CATS Fest before, you know how much she does for the festival in keeping everyone very happy.  She literally turns the hotel over to us, and then she personally bends over backwards during the whole festival to make sure everyone is well taken care of.

That's just a handful of reasons, but we know you will fall in love with Granbury, just like we have.

If I am with a VIP, but have a companion ticket, do I get their perks?

A companion ticket NEVER gets you into the VIP dinner or early admittance to the festival. Personally, we think Companion Tickets are a rip-off as you only get a couple of items from the festival. Alternatively, a General Admission ticket will get hundreds of dollars worth of free gifts. Even if you don’t smoke cigars, you can give them to a spouse, a friend, or even donate them back to Cigars for Warriors.  

Can I still enjoy the Craft Beer Experience with a companion ticket?

A companion ticket does NOT get you the ability to enjoy all the amazing craft beer.

What should I wear?

Dress code  is up to you.  

What do I need to know about the VIP dinner?

The VIP dinner this year will be a “Denim and Lace” event. The dress code is up to you. You can be casual in jeans or get all dolled up. It's totally up to you. The dinner is indoors this year and smoking will NOT be allowed inside. The trade off -- you get a really nice meal in an air conditioned and beautiful ballroom setting. When you are ready to enjoy a smoke, there is a very cool smoking area just outside the glass wall, on the boardwalk along the lake!  

Is alcohol allowed inside the Conference Center?

You can NOT take alcohol inside the Conference Center. Since they retain a liquor license, it would be illegal to do so. There will be a full cash bar inside.


100% of the profit from this event will be donated directly to the military charity Operation: Cigars for Warriors!


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